March Group

March Limited was established in 1976 as a privately owned holding company, though the history of the company extends far beyond these 35 years as investment firm. The origins of March are rooted in an entrepreneurial tradition which started in 1883.

For more than twenty years March Limited's core investment has been a strategic stake in a global operating healthcare company. In 1997, March Limited sold its stake in this healthcare company and embarked on a strategy of diversification which included direct participations in the pharmaceuticals industry as well as in the financial services sector. This portfolio was complemented by investments managed by third parties.

March's development was always a coherent process of change, driven by evolving needs of its stakeholders. The investment strategy shifted from an entrepreneurial focus on direct participations in preferred industry sectors to a more widely diversified portfolio view that emphasizes diversification across the full spectrum of asset classes available in the global market. In 2007, March took the decision to realign this architecture. Today, after completion of a extensive change process, March Limited is a center of competence for corporate governance and corporate services and continues to function as the March Group's head office. Additionally it holds some selected investments.

March International Limited, based in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, is a 100% subsidiary of March Limited, Hamilton. The subsidiary offers tailored solutions in financial controlling and accounting, as well as administration, to selected customers.

Hamilton, Bermuda
Vaduz, Liechtenstein