March is committed to carrying its entrepreneurial spirit forward into the future with an acute sense of responsibility.

Yesterday has gone, the earth is rotating

Who wants to leave things as they are will lose what he seeks to preserve.

Pablo Picasso, Egidio Costantini Figura, 1963

Process of development

Up until 1997, March’s activities revolved around its intensive commitment for the global healthcare company Boehringer Mannheim. Following the divestment of this family-owned company through the sale of its holding company, Corange Limited, March adopted an investment strategy aimed at maximum diversification. This strategy continues to be pursued in cooperation with selected partners. The ongoing transformation process is designed to anticipate future developments of relevance to the Group’s architecture and its investment activities. The March Group today acts as a centre of expertise for corporate governance and corporate services.

March International Limited is the operating arm of the Group, offering selected clients a comprehensive range of services in financial controlling, accounting and administration. The professionalism and reliability of these services are underpinned by March’s long-standing experience and international expertise. March International Limited is a stock company with registered office in Vaduz.

Salvador Dalí, Montre molle, 1970

Highest levels of reliability

March acts as a centre of expertise for corporate governance and corporate services, combining long-standing experience with an entrepreneurial mindset. March International Limited is the Group’s operating arm. In August 2001 this company started to establish a service organisation offering a comprehensive range of services in the areas of financial controlling, accounting and administration. Applying a holistic and globally oriented approach, March offers its clients the very highest levels of reliability.

Tailored solutions can be created by combining individual elements from its portfolio of services and all activities are geared to creating value. Expertise which has evolved over several generations and international experience coupled with an efficient global network underpin the professionalism and reliability of all services. Being an independent service provider, March is exclusively committed to working for the benefit of our clients.

Jutta Cuny-Franz, Semper virens, 1981

No future without a past

March Limited was established in 1976 as a privately owned holding company, yet its origins are rooted in an entrepreneurial tradition that reaches back to 1883. Initially, March Limited's core investment was a strategic stake in Boehringer Mannheim, a global operating healthcare company. In 1997, March Limited sold its stake and embarked on a strategy of diversification that included direct participations in the pharmaceuticals industry. This portfolio was complemented by investments managed by third parties.

Responding to the evolving needs of its stakeholders, March's investment strategy shifted from an entrepreneurial focus on direct participations in preferred industry sectors to a more widely diversified portfolio view that emphasized diversification across the full spectrum of asset classes available in the global market. In 2007, March took the decision to create a more flexible and dynamic investment architecture.

Today, after completion of an extensive change process, March serves as a center of competence for corporate governance and corporate services. March International Limited, based in Vaduz, the operating arm of the Group, offers tailored solutions in financial controlling and accounting, as well as administration, to selected customers.

  • 1817

    Friedrich Engelhorn (senior) joins the pharmaceutical factory 'Engelmann und Boehringer', founded in Mannheim in 1817 as a drugstore, with the status of partner.

  • 1883

    Friedrich Engelhorn (junior) becomes a Management Member and develops the company to a global leading quinine manufacturer.

  • 1892

    After the death of Ernst Boehringer, son of founder C.F. Boehringer, Friedrich Engelhorn (junior) becomes sole owner of the company.

  • 1906

    With the development and production of the intravenous drug strophanthin for cardiac insufficiency, the company had its first "blockbuster medicine".

  • 1920

    Change of the legal form to a limited liability company.

  • 1968

    Change of name to Boehringer Mannheim.

  • 1971

    Foundation of intermediate holdings in Amsterdam, Luxembourg and Toronto.

  • 1972

    Foundation of the first biochemical plant in Penzberg, Bavaria.

  • 1974

    Takeover of U.S.-American companies Bio-Dynamics Inc. and DePuy Inc. (today Johnson & Johnson).

  • 1976

    Foundation of March Limited, Hamilton, Bermuda.

  • 1985

    Foundation of Corange Limited, Hamilton, Bermuda as holding company of Boehringer Mannheim and its foreign subsidiaries.

  • 1997

    Agreement on a merger between Swiss Roche Group and Corange Limited (05/1997).

  • 1998

    Closing of the merger (permission of the authorities) and renaming of Boehringer Mannheim to Roche Diagnostics (01/1998).

  • 1998

    Diversification of the March Investment Portfolio.

  • 2001

    Foundation of the service company March International Limited, Vaduz, Liechstenstein.

  • 2004

    Buildup of a team of in-house investment professionals at the Group's headquarters in Bermuda.

  • 2007

    Strategy to transform the Group into a flexible and dynamic investment architecture with a multi-jurisdictional scope.

  • 2011

    Transition to new strategic approach completed.

  • 2014

    Closing of the operational office in Bermuda and restructuring the services at March International Limited in Vaduz.

  • 2018

    Relaunch of the March website.