Transparency and confidentiality are two important cornerstones of our work for, and our collaboration with, our clients.

Reliability is a multidimensional policy

Only a holistic approach enables us to follow a clear path.

Accounting / Controlling
Steuben Glass – G. Thompson, Pyramidon, 1969*
  • Financial accounting to international (US GAAP/IFRS) and local Accounting Standards.
  • Consolidated financial reporting (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, statement of changes in equity, notes to the consolidated financial statements)
  • Cost monitoring, payments, archiving of financial data
  • Collaboration with independent auditors
  • Preparation of budgets and liquidity plans
  • Calculation of profit and loss
  • Value monitoring of individual investments
  • Monitoring and analysis of exchange rate impacts
  • Preparation of financial presentations
  • Costing of concrete projects or proposed activities
Steuben Glass – David Dowler, Pyramid, 1977*
  • ICT Security Management (based on ISO 27001), periodically audited by an external IT Auditor
  • In house Data Security Management monitored by an IT consulting company
  • Our Process Management ensures that the diverse security guidelines are integrated in all kinds of processes
  • Constant training and updates ensure that the operating team is aware of the security guidelines and is following its instructions as part of the IT Audit requirements
  • Various installed Encryption Systems make sure that internal and external communication such as email, video conferencing, collaboration tools, etc. is protected and sensitive data (attachments) is end-to-end encrypted
Steuben Glass – Eric Hilton, Point of Departure, 1981*
  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • Investment related corporate action administration
  • Investment related project management administration
  • Investment related events organisation and/or coordination
  • KYC handling of third parties requests according to compliance requirements
  • Archiving Management (physically and electronically)
  • Regular data updates and maintenance
  • Administration for Group and Client Boards of Directors
  • Project management and administration
  • Human Resources Management
  • Office Management (facility and supply)